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What are Earthbound Spirits?What are Earthbound Spirits?

What are Earthbound Spirits?

To understand what are earthbound spirits we first need to look at what is the "normal" process of what happens when someone dies.

Many popular books, movies and television programs have discussed the Near-Death-Experience (NDE). As a person experiences death, the spirit separates from the body. The spirit will then see a White Light of some kind and is met by departed loved ones or other Light Beings.

Each person has their own religious and cultural beliefs that will help to define the experience but this is the typical scenario.

In a small percentage of instances, a person will choose to not move towards the Light. Or rather, it is more accurate to say that something more urgent catches his or her attention and he or she will focus on the urgency rather than on crossing-over.

It's from that moment of choosing to not cross-over that the person becomes "earthbound". Other names for this are; Ghosts, Lost Souls, Wandering Souls, etc.

So what could be more urgent than crossing-over?

First of all let's examine how most cultures don't teach people how to transition once the spirit leaves the body. In many religions there is a concept of Heaven and Hell but there is not much on "how to die". Add to this the shock that accompanies sudden or tragic death victims. The shock, and sometimes disbelief that they are dead, can often be the dominating thought in the mind of the spirit.

Many ghosts simply don't know that they are dead. In some cases, the sense of urgency might be the fear of punishment. In other cases it could be the desire for revenge or retribution in some way. Other spirits simply want to remain close to their loved ones, but then they don't understand why their loved ones can't see or hear them.

The common denominators of the earthbound spirits that we have interacted with have been feelings of sadness, depression and loneliness. A common question for many of these spirits is, "Where am I?" In our experience, this is what the experience is for most of the earthbound spirits.

Can Ghosts be Helped to Transition?

Many mainstream books and even television programs such as Ghost Whisperer show interactions with ghosts; or as I prefer, earthbound spirits. I feel that almost anyone can learn to help these spirits transition.

I've written a book, The Soul Rescue Manual that outlines how anyone can learn to help spirits transition, or cross-over. This book also offers the unique perspective of what the spirit is experiencing and how we can help them by addressing their fears and misunderstandings.

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