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How to Help Spirits Crossover

How to Help Spirits Crossover

How to help spirits crossover can be a simple and easy thing to learn for anyone with a desire to help and a willingness to become aware of ghosts and spirits. Helping spirits can also provide an amazing sense of fulfillment.

Let's start with a basic understanding of what we're talking about when we're using these terms. Earthbound spirits, or ghosts, are really just normal people that have died. The basic concept is that once we die our spirit will separate from the physical body.

The Natural Transition Process

For most people this is a natural and easy process. Once outside of the body, most people will be recognize and be greeted by angels, relatives and loved ones that have gone before them. It's usually a warm and welcome experience.

But in some cases, especially when a person experiences a sudden and unexpected parting, it can be an emotionally jarring experiences. Sometimes the person is startled and confused and is completely unaware that they no longer have a physical body.

In these cases, the person will not recognize the presence of those that have come to greet and assist. The person will be so completely focused on their life that they are oblivious to their own death.

In my book, The Soul Rescue Manual, I include the gentle way of telling spirits and ghosts that they no longer have their physical body. I've found in most cases they just aren't aware of this fact.

A World of Self-Delusion

A ghost will often take all of the experiences that she is having and create a world in his/her mind that makes sense. So to that spirit, life just goes on as "normal".

I've found that after we get past this issue, how to help spirts crossover becomes much easier. It allows them to reflect upon their own experiences and come to their own conclusions about their existence.

I next offer assistance on crossing over or showing them to the light. I tell them that this is a natural process and reassure them that it's safe.

Learning to Help Spirits

If you're looking for how to help ghosts, I hope that you'll find, as I have, that this is one of the most personally satisfying and rewarding things that I can do help other people, especially the ones that no longer have physical bodies.

My recommendation is for people to learn to assist these Lost Souls to Transition. I'm also aware that not everyone feels comfortable embarking on this journey.

Many people that I've worked with in the past will tell me that, once they learn the simple process, it's easy to do and that they sleep much more soundly at night.

I've written my book to help you to learn how to do this for yourself easily and safely. The Soul Rescue Manual is available through Amazon and my online store.

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