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Ghost Rescue

Ghost Rescue

The interest in ghost rescue has risen with the popularity of paranormal investigation and ghost hunter TV programs. It's exciting that people are now starting to question how can these spirits be helped to move on rather than just believing if ghost exist or not.

I was recently watching a movie, The Great Ghost Rescue. The plot of the story (without giving it away) is that ghosts are made when people die in an unexpected or sudden death. They are then doomed to live out their days inhabiting old homes or wandering the earth. It was a cute movie and fun to watch, but as with most movies it wasn't too concerned with the accuracy of paranormal events.

To understand how ghosts are made it helps to understand what happens when most people die. For people that die through natural causes, such as old age, the transition is done gradually and in stages. People in the final stages of their life will often report being visited by past loved ones or angels. These are the angels and spirits that are preparing us for moving on to the after-life.

But for some people that meet their end suddenly, they are not prepared for the experience. They may suddenly find that they are no longer in their physical body. In one moment they could be driving down the road and the next moment they are standing by the side of the road looking at a traffic accident that just occurred. They are unable to understand that they are that person that was just in that accident, and didn't survive.

The Unfinished Business Principle

But there's one more piece to what makes a ghost. It's been called the Unfinished Business Principle but I like to call it an Emotional Attachment. That's an important difference because it's what allows us to actually help ghosts to crossover.

So back to our example of the ghost standing by the side of the road. There always will be some spirit guide or angel waiting close by to help us cross over when we leave the body. But for the person that dies suddenly there is often a disbelief or an emotional denial of what just happened. They don't want to see what is happening right in front of them.

The ghost may suddenly feel that they have to get home to their wife or husband or their children. In a flash they find themselves suddenly there with the people they love. But these family members are not responding to them. Their loved ones can't seem to hear or see them. And this begins the panic of wanting to be noticed.

How ghosts are made lies in the emotional denial that they no longer have a physical body, along with the emotional attachment to still wanting to have the experience of being in the physical body. And this is the real unfinished business of ghosts.

Rescuing Earthbound Ghosts

In my book, The Soul Rescue Manual, I detail exactly how to help ghost to cross over. After teaching many classes and giving many lectures on the subject I've found that anyone can do this. The only question is, Will we do it?

What's been fascinating for me to witness after so many years when teaching these workshops is how we each will resonate with different personalities or groups of spirits. When I make the offer to help ghosts to transition I tend to attract a certain personality type. But each time someone different does the exact same process, a different personality type will respond.

The exception to this has been when helping ghosts cross over that are stuck in homes or buildings. I've found that these are spirits that often feel comfortable in that particular home or environment. Often this is because the spirit will feel emotionally connected to the place or environment from a time when they were living.

Ghost rescue can be a very personally rewarding hobby. It doesn't take much to learn and I highly recommend it for anyone that's involved with paranormal investigations or has any interest in the subject.

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