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How To Help Ghosts Crossover

How To Help Ghosts Crossover

Ever wonder how to help ghosts crossover? Or what is it that keeps them stuck in this world?

The problem is that it's hard to help anyone that doesn't know that they need help. In most of the ghost encounters that I've had, most of them didn't even know that they were dead. They didn't know that they needed help or that there was anywhere else to go other than where they were in this moment.

My own gifts include the ability to feel or perceive ghosts and spirits. When I speak to them I can feel or sense their response.

Some people have the ability to see ghosts just as naturally as they would see another living person. And other people can hear the voices of the spirits but may not be able see them. And some people have the ability to do all of the above.

So it's not unusual for me to be visited by spirits or to encounter them in different places where I go. When I encounter a "trapped spirit" I'll usually have a dialogue in my head with them and that's usually enough to help them to crossover.

Why Do Ghosts Become Stuck?

Most ghosts are "trapped" in a reality that they have created for themselves within their own mind. They are stuck in this plane of existence but in their own mind what they see is the time and place just like it was when they were alive and walking around.

You may be walking down the street and seeing cars drive by and planes overhead but the spirit may be walking down the same street and seeing horse-drawn carriages passing by and a large bird passing overhead.

The "earthbound spirit" will take all of the outer experiences and create a reality that makes sense to him in order to keep up the illusion that he is not really dead.

This is the reason that most ghosts don't know that they are dead. It's because in their own mind, there is a complete reality that they've created for themselves.

Helping Ghosts Crossover

One of the first things that I do when encountering a ghost is to politely ask them the question, "Are you aware that you no longer have a physical body, but you do continue to exist?"

That question usually throws them back a bit but it's not so overwhelming that most of them won't immediately go into rejection of the idea.

I'll then ask follow up questions to help them ease into the idea that, even though they no longer have a physical body, they do still exist and that they are safe. Many ghosts just want to be reassured that they aren't going to "hell" or about to be punished.

When I first started helping spirits to cross-over I would start off right away by telling them, "you are dead". I quickly found that this was not a good way to begin a conversation with someone, even if they are dead.

A key point to remember is that crossing over is a very natural process. It's just like water that runs downhill. If the process isn't interrupted somehow it all just happens naturally.

In my book, The Soul Rescue Manual, I cover different situations and transcripts from actual sessions of helping ghosts crossover. This is an excellent guide for people that are interested in learning more about the process or for anyone that's involved with Paranormal Investigations. After all if you find ghosts, wouldn't you want to help them?

If you're looking for how to help ghosts, I know that you'll find that this is one of the most personally satisfying and rewarding things that I can do help other people, especially the ones that no longer have physical bodies.

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