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What Is Soul Rescue?

Soul Rescue is about helping ghosts, or earthbound spirits, to cross-over. Most ghosts and spirits donít understand or realize that they are dead.

From the spiritís perspective, they are the same person that they were when they were alive. And time is distorted in such a way that the ghost is unaware that several years, or even several decades may have gone by from the time when they were alive.

Each ghost has the ability to view the world in a way that makes sense to them. If a ghost still believes that he is living in the year 1890, everything that he observes will be from that time period. Instead of cars and freeways, the spirit may see horse-drawn carriages and stone covered roads.

The person that would try to help these spirits to transition should be aware that this is the nature of the ghosts view of the world so that they can be helped more easily.

Helping Ghosts Understand

Soul Rescue is about helping ghosts to first understand, and then to emotionally accept, that they no longer have a physical body. I divide this into two separate parts because Iíve encountered many occasions where a spirit does understand they are no longer alive but refuses to emotionally accept the situation. As a result, they are not able to transition, or cross-over.

Helping ghosts to emotionally accept their current state is sometimes the hardest part of Soul Rescue work. I learned a long time ago that it usually does no good to just tell a spirit that they are dead. That usually sets up the remainder of the conversation for opposition and denial.

If the spirit can be led to understand their current state, and the fact that they no longer have a body, the rest of the transition process can move forward often very easily.

Iíve encountered ghosts that are immediately ready and willing to transition once help is offered to them. And Iíve also encountered ghosts that refuse to accept that they donít have their body any longer. These encounters usually take a little more effort.

Learn How to Help

For those wanting to learn more in-depth methods and techniques for helping spirits, I've made my workshop manual available. The Soul Rescue Manual details specific techniques, scripts and dialogue used for helping spirits transition to the Light. This manual is a step-by-step guide for people wanting to help ghosts and earthbound spirits cross-over.

I have personally never found anything quite so satisfying as helping earthbound spirits to transition. The feeling that happens when a spirit is stepping into the Light is something that can only be experienced to be described.

Many people will say that the spirits are lucky to have people to help guide them to transition. But I think people that do Soul Rescue are the truly fortunate ones because we know that so much more waits for us on the other side.

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