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Emotional and Spiritual Healing
The Online Guide to learning Spiritual Healing for use in Emotional Healing. Definitions and How-To's on methods, practices and techniques for self-help and trained healers and therapist.

Spirit Release Therapy Radio Interview:
Patrick Rodriguez and Heather Hayes

The Sign of the Times ( team interviews Patrick Rodriguez on Spirit Release Therapy and Soul Rescue.

What do these terms actually mean? Does one have to 'believe in the spirit world' for such therapeutic modalities to work? As Rodriguez emphasises, it's not a magic wand that will transform your life for the better overnight, but people do have dramatic improvements in their lives with the help of such 'unconventional' therapy.

Developing Psychic Abilities to Enhance Your Life
Developing psychic abilities can be fun and easy-to-learn. Go beyond the mysterious and find out what skills you may already have and how to use them. The secret to awakening your abilities is ...

How to be Psychic
Learn how to be psychic by developing and integrating your natural existing psychic and intuitive abilities.

Heather Hayes, Psychic Abilities Radio Interview
Heather Hayes opens up and talks about growing up as a psychic and learning to affect energies around her. Heather describes her role in helping people with Soul Healing and helping people to develop their own psychic abilities
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