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How To Get Rid Of Ghosts

How To Get Rid Of Ghosts

Before we can learn how to get rid of ghosts, itís a good idea to learn what they are and why they choose to be in the home or location where theyíre at. Before we start doing any exorcism rituals or casting out demons letís take a few minutes to learn about what makes spirits tick.

Contrary to the belief of many paranormal investigators, a spirit does not have to have died in a home or specific location in order to remain there and haunt the place. Even new homes can become haunted with ghosts and experience paranormal activity.

In many cases, a ghost simply does not know or understand that they no longer have their own physical body. To the spirit man or spirit woman, they appear just as normal as anyone else walking around. Itís because of this that they often become confused and sometimes even frustrated that the living person will appear to not acknowledge their presence.

This is often how paranormal activity starts in a household. The living person cannot see or hear the spirit that just wants to be acknowledged. The ghosts tries everything to be noticed, talking to the person, staring at them, standing in front of them but only to have the person walk right past them.

To the living person, these actions appear quite differently. It seems that they are hearing voices or having the feeling of being watched. And some people will walk through their home and feel as if theyíve walked through a cold spot.

Getting rid of ghosts should not be seen the same as getting rid of common pests. All of these paranormal phenomena are usually just the spiritís way of trying to be noticed so that someone can finally acknowledge that they exists.

There is often a great sadness, despair or sometimes a sense of anxiety within the spirit. No one that they know comes to visit them any longer. They are lonely, sad and confused about where they are and how they came to be in the situation that they are in.

But still, most of us do not want to live in a house that has this type of occurrences happening on a regular basis. So what do we do when this starts happening?

How to get rid of ghosts

First we start with empathy. This is of primary importance because if we want anyone to do anything we should first acknowledge the place where they are coming from and their motivations for wanting or not wanting what we are asking them to do.

Next we gently inform them that they no longer have a physical body. This should be done gently and with tact. By being too forceful with this information it may cause the spirit to deny what you are saying and disregard anything else that you are attempting to persuade it to do.

And finally, we invite the spirit to cross over. This can be done in a number of ways and should be in alignment with your own spiritual beliefs and values. Remember that ghosts, like anyone else, can sense when you donít believe what youíre telling them.

My book, The Soul Rescue Manual, outlines the simple process of how to help spirits to transition. Many people have found the process to be very simple and effective for once again having a peaceful home.

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