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How To Get Rid Of Evil Spirits

How To Get Rid Of Evil Spirits

When considering how to get rid rid of evil spirits it's essentially the same process as releasing any other attached or earthbound spirit. However, you should always keep in mind that the spirit usually doesn't consider itself "evil".

And even on the occasion when I've come across a spirit claiming to be evil it's usually just a spirit that is scared. So by claiming to be evil it keeps away people that are easily frightened away.

What Is An Evil Spirit

I recently taught a class where I started the discussion by asking the people gathered there this same question. I was surprised by how differently people would respond to this question. Even many people that have learned how to release earthbound spirits have not been taught how to deal with these types of spirits.

My own definition is that it is simply a spirit that has not been able to move on for some reason. And what differentiates that type of spirit is it's intent towards people. If a spirit has bad intentions we are inclined to label that spirit as, "evil".

I personally don't put spirits within a religious context of Good/Evil. The easy understanding is that these spirits are simply earthbound spirits that have the intent of hurting people.

Why Do Some Spirits Want To Hurt People

My belief is that when someone is carrying the feelings of being hurt, betrayed or victimized in some way that person is then more inclined to lash out at other people in a hurtful manner. In other words, Hurt people, hurt people.

There are examples of this behavior every day, possibly even in our own lives. When we are feeling annoyed or frustrated it becomes much more likely that we will make snap judgements at other people. Sometimes we may even find ourselves making hurtful remarks to another person.

Sometimes I'll come across a spirit during a spirit release session that is coming across as angry and may even have ill-intent. I then try to always keep this in mind and ask myself, "Where is this spirit in pain?"

By helping the spirit to release their pain and suffering it then becomes easy to then help it to transition, or cross-over. Once the spirit feels secure and not feeling that they are being threatened or trying to be "forced out" (ie. the Exorcism approach) I've found that they usually leave very easily.

Further Learning

For readers interested in learning how to use the (revised) Soul Healing and Spirit Release Therapy approach I recommend downloading the teleclass recording available through my Online Store.

This is a full three-hour workshop that includes discussion of the various common types of spirits and entities that are encountered during a spirit release session. It also covers the critically important discussion of how Resonating Energies can attract and cause spirit attachments.

During the teleclass we also perform an actual demonstration of spirit and entity release and how the emotional energies of the client had made it possible for spirits to attach and affect this man.

Are you wondering what Soul Healing and Spirit Release Therapy can do for you? Read about what one person had to say about their session experience and the after-affects. User Experiences and Testimonials

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