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Ghost Clearing

Ghost Clearing

One of the most unsettling, and often terrifying, experiences for many people is to see, hear or feel the presence of a spirit in your own home.  Even in my own home, where spirit visitors are a common experience, it can still be frightening when I experience a "cold spot" in the room or the feeling that someone is "watching" me.

One of the most popular demonstrations during my workshops is the clearing of a home of spirits.  Very often the participant will recognize the spirit that is residing in his or her home.  The reports following the demonstrations are always a more peaceful home environment and comfortable feelings in the home.

I always encourage my students to learn to clear their own homes and offices.  Once the student learns to clear his or her own home, very often the spirit will leave peacefully and the home again becomes a peaceful place of refuge. (See also, Soul Rescue page.)

I've experienced a Wide Range of spirits and entities in my own home.  I know first-hand what it's like to feel the chills, to feel someone watching you but find no one there when you turn to look.  And, yes I have experienced "poltergeist" experiences in my home.

I care about my spirit visitors and I help them to transition, but my first concern is for the living.  I acknowledge the spirits and help them to transition because it helps the living person lead a more peaceful and productive life.

As more people learn to help spirits cross-over, there will be less spirits around to cause mischief or simply want attention.  This is the reason that I continue to do this work and my purpose for writing my Soul Rescue Manual ebook. 

My ebook outlines the simple process of helping spirits to move to the next realm.  Not all spirits are willing to make the transition quite so easily but many people have found the process outlined in the ebook to be very simple and effective for once again having a peaceful home.

The complete version of the Soul Rescue Manual is available in the Soul Rescue Online Store.

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