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Welcome to the Soul Rescue Site.

The Soul Rescue Site is dedicated to all of those who have a passion and a calling for helping Earthbound Spirits transition to the Light and assisting those living with Attached Spirits or in haunted houses.

Whether you're a paranormal investigator or someone looking for answers about ghosts and spirits I’m certain that you'll find useful information here.

Paranormal investigators, or ghost hunters as they’re commonly called, often encounter the presence of ghosts through capturing video images or voices on recording devices but they’re left stumped about what to tell the owner of the home that they are investigating about what to do to help them get rid of the ghosts and paranormal activity. And this is often why a person will initially contact the investigator.

Here you'll find information and answers to your questions about ghosts, hauntings and how to help these ghosts and spirits, or get help that you need from ghosts haunting your home.

I've now had more encounters with ghosts and spirits than I ever imagined possible. Sometimes they appear as visions and sometimes I converse with them as I would when speaking to any other person. But usually they first appear as a feeling or a sensation to me.

I've come to recognize and trust my feelings and intuitions to know when spirits are present. I've also worked along with several psychic-mediums that have also encountered these spirit visitors

One of my favorite things in this regard is teaching people about ghosts and spirits and how many of these Lost Souls are really just looking for help to find their way home. Here we’ll be talking about some of the common questions that I receive during my classes or when teaching people.

Whenever I meet someone with beginning or undeveloped psychic skills I encourage them to learn how to help spirits to cross-over. If you've found your way here because you're just beginning to acknowledge your psychic medium skills you've come to the right place.

The pages and articles that follow are from real experiences. I've also written an ebook, The Soul Rescue Manual. This is a detailed guide with transcripts and exercises for anyone that would like to learn how to help ghosts and spirits.

We’ll also be reviewing Spirit Possession and Attached Ghosts and Spirits. Although this is topic of horror movies, for many people it is a complete reality. This is often a complex issue involving the possessed person and the possessing spirit or entity. We’ll review some of the methods that exist for Depossession and how you can you receive help if you’re experiencing this yourself.

I hope that you’ll find this site both entertaining and informative.



How To Help Ghosts Crossover
Ever wonder how to help ghosts crossover? Or what is it that keeps them stuck in this world?

Clearing Ghosts
Clearing ghost rituals can be simple and effective with just a little knowledge and practice. People living in homes that have ghost presence know how terrifying it can be...

How To Get Rid Of Ghosts
Before we can learn how to get rid of ghosts, it’s a good idea to learn what they are and why they choose to be in the home or location where they’re at...

Spirits In The House
For some people, having spirits in the house can be a terrifying experience. Learn the signs of how to tell when spirts are present and how to release them...

Attached Spirits
Although there's often a fear surrounding the whole subject, attached spirits are usually not even noticed by most people. Spirits often see themselves as trying to help in some way.

Attached Spirit Release
Attached Spirit Release is a method of dealing with attached spirits and entities. When an earthbound spirit comes into your life, the way to get it out is not trying to force it to leave, but rather by offering it somewhere better to go...

Spirit Possession and Attached Spirits
We're often asked, Does Spirit Possession really happen? We've now had MANY experiences with helping people that have had Attached Spirits and have suffered either partial of full possession. Yes, it does happen.

Do Ouija Boards Work
Do Ouija Boards work? Yes, the boards can be used to contact the spiritual realms and they can also be used for just entertainment...

Earthbound Spirits
To understand what are earthbound spirits we first need to look at what is the "normal" process of what happens when someone dies...

Friendly Ghosts
Ever have friendly ghosts in your home? I’ve found that for people with either latent or developed psychic medium skills having ghostly visitors is actually a common occurrence...

Ghost Rescue
The interest in ghost rescue has risen with the popularity of paranormal investigation and ghost hunter TV programs. It's exciting that people are now starting to question how can these spirits be helped to move on rather than just believing if ghost exist or not...

I See Dead People
Yes, I see dead people. Well to be more specific, I sense the presence of spirits when they are around. What I've learned to do when this happens...




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